Presentation and Book Signing with Bree Loewen

Presentation and Book Signing with Bree Loewen

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Bree Loewen Presentation/Book Signing - Saturday, September 23, 2017, starting at 6:30 p.m. Mammoth Ranger Station Auditorium/Visitor Center, 2510 Main Street, Mammoth Lakes, CA. 

Bree Loewen has been a climbing ranger on Mount Rainier, which was the subject of her first book, Pickets and Dead Men, an EMT, and a contributor to Climbing and Alpinist magazines. Now in her mid-thirties, Bree's a wife, alpinist, mother, raconteur, nursing student, and a leader of Seattle Mountain Rescue (SMR). She's been on more than 100 rescues in the past three years and countless more over her career. In Found: A Life in Mountain Rescue (Mountaineers Books) she writes about what it takes for her dedicated all-volunteer crew, both mentally and physically, to have the backs of every climber, backcountry skier, and hiker who head out into the Cascades near Seattle.

Bree and SMR respond to everything from high profile multi-day rescues in horrendous weather to folks calling to say they're being chased by baby bears. Bree has responded to calls about chest pain, has recovered the bodies of her own friends from avalanches and cornice failures, and has come to the rescue of callers panicking because their dog's stuck on a ledge (while failing to mention they climbed up to get their dog and are stuck too). The stories are sobering, or funny, or both, and offers a personal glimpse into the mountain rescue crew and what good friends on a mission can accomplish in the middle of the night. Importantly she feels that search and rescue “is a job for a human, not a hero, a human that has nothing else to do today but this.”

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