My first ski trip to Mammoth Lakes was in the Winter of 1969. Ever since those early days, my vision has been to call Mammoth Lakes my home. My dream was realized in 2008 when I finally moved here and became a permanent resident of this world class resort community.

Within my photographic compositions, my goal is to capture a wide range of emotions that the high country environment instills in me. While skiing, hiking or biking, I stop and capture a photograph whenever I happen upon a scene “that takes my breath away”. The reactions that I hope to arouse in my collectors are calmness, tranquility and serenity. These peaceful states of mind can be seen in my latest series of images which include: Ancient Bristlecone Pine, Mount Whitney, Mono Lake and the Mammoth Lakes area.

After graduating from California State University at Long Beach with a major concentration in Ceramics, I taught Drawing, Painting and Advanced Placement Studio Art. Much later in my career, I taught High School Ceramics. I also enjoyed the privilege of becoming an Advanced Placement Studio Art Portfolio Reader and Leader. I have conducted instructional workshops throughout the United States for the educational advancement of other Advanced Placement Art teachers. I have come “Full Circle” in my Life and my art by creating my vision of my unique environment onto Ceramics.